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If you have started to develop dexterity issues in your hands from tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel or injury (temporary or permanent) these assistive devices can help you to manage daily tasks without changing your lifestyle. Bonus: Everyone in the family can benefit from these great gadgets!

Reading a Book

Books are heavy and turning pages requires fine motor skills. these are things we take for granted when we are fit but if you are a reader there are a few different things you can do if hand mobility is an issue. The most notable choice is to switch to a Kindle or iPad but you still need to hold them up somehow. If reading a book or reading digitally here are some tools to enhance the experience and ease the pain.

Walking the Dog

Hand injuries like tendonitis are often the result of the repetitive strain on your hands from dog walking. Consider this hands free alternative instead (unless you have balance or body strength issues). This one is from

Opening Cans and Bottles

Always think about Ease of Use!

Opening the Door

Keyless entry is another "hand friendly" gadget for young and old. No more fidgeting with your keys and no more locked out kids. This lock gets extra points for having an ergonomic lever handle as well.

Playing Cards

This is another handy device for all ages. There are many different brands but I found this one on

Raised Garden

Such a great way to garden if you tend to have back, hip or knee issues. That having been said, we have had one for years and my kids love it! Ideal for urban dwellers with small back yards or balconies.


These ergonomic tools will be a big help.


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