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Before I show you one of my latest finds, here is a quick list of some Great Outdoor Antique and Flea Markets to Visit in the Spring and Summer In and Around Toronto:

Now for the talking part (or just scroll through the pics)...I am a total sucker for a good (or even not so good) antique or flea market. I try to look for interesting pieces that have some sort of practical use (usually a table or storage of some sort) and then I try to get a bargain. There are many times I don't find anything but, it's always a fun way to enjoy the summer weather. If nothing else, there are usually good french fries to be had!

On a recent detour on our way home from a visit to Guelph, Ontario, we stopped at Aberfoyle Antique Market .

There I found this little gem in the rough. This is a solid wood, antique, surveying equipment storage box. I paid $45 for it and transformed it into a coffee table for my living room.

Please excuse the messy shed (spring cleaning)

I did't want to mess too much with the aged look of the wood so I used an enviro stripper, steel wool and some elbow grease to remove the old stain and varnish from the lid. I left some of the original stain on the sides and just gave them a light sanding to remove the varnish. I then polished the brass hinges, handles and screws and gave it a good wash. I finished it with a medium brown stain topped with two coats of Annie Sloan Dark Wax and a light polish with super fine steel wool.

I purchased some 2"x 2" wood and cut 4 x 6" pieces for legs and then stained and waxed them to match the box. I attached the legs with 4 leg plates (approx. $20) from the hardware store.

Sometimes it's a bust, but other ventures are well worth the trip!

Pippa tested. Nap approved!


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